The True Feeling of Giving

I didn’t really know where to start this, so I’m just going to start it with a little story I have from the other week. I was out having a drink with some friends and two of us were stood at the bar getting some drinks, and as we turned to go and sit down, I saw a five pound note on the floor, and a guy had just walked outside away from the bar.

Now of course the options pop into your head, and I thought, it could have been there for a while, and that it was not his, and so I wouldn’t know whose it was and so it was mine all mine! But then I thought, hey, even if it might not be his, I’ll give it to him anyway, so I went outside, gave it to him and just said, “I think this is yours mate”, he said, “oh right, thanks,” and I went back in and sat down with my friends.

Then about a minute or two later, the guy came in, looked around, then spotted me and said, ” thank you so much for that mate, I really appreciate it,” he then said, “can I buy you a drink?” to which I replied, “I have literally just bought one mate, but thanks for the offer”, and he said, “well let me know when you need one and I’ll get one for you.”

Now I just thought that was amazing, and I turned to my friend and we discussed it, and I said the feeling of giving back the five pound note and receiving that thanks and appreciation and offering from a total stranger was so much better than that of finding five pounds, which he was willing to spend on a drink for me anyway, so I imagine he felt very similar.

The feeling was absolutely amazing, and it was just simply from a communication with another, just words and a small action, in this case simply giving back another’s possessions, and like I say, after that I felt incredible inside, I felt light, like I could almost fly, and I thought wow, that is the true feeling of giving.

Peace and giving to you.