An Amazing Interaction.

I had another little amazing feeling of giving the other day, it was just a simple one that most of us do often anyway, but I really took note of it as we all should.

I had just started to walk up some stairs on the underground and I can’t remember why, but I turned back, I may have been aware of him on the way up, but a gentleman was just posed to lift up his childs buggy up a good number of stairs, I think with the child still inside, and I just offered to help.

He said, “only if you have a minute”, meaning if I didn’t need to catch the next tube, but I didn’t even care if I missed the next one or not, I thought whats a couple of minutes, if not seconds.

The gentleman was so grateful, he even said on the way up the stairs, “this is very kind of you, I really appreciate it.” I said, “it’s not a problem, your very welcome”, and we got to the top and wished each other a good day.

Now I have done this a number of times before but for some reason I just really took note of this one, it may have been how he conveyed his appreciation, or just the fact that I am more aware right now, but these moments just make me really appreciate and realise how amazing how us beings can communicate with each other and how we do, and how we come together and the understanding we have between us.

Maybe just today, or even better, from now on, just take note of your communications with others and just appreciate how it happens and how it makes you feel and just how amazing we are.

Have a great day and enjoy your amazing interactions with one another.