While You Wait for Everything to be Perfect for Happiness …

old man skateboard


Simple isn’t it! I’m sure someone has said this before, but I just thought of this phrase myself not too long ago, and it even makes me chuckle putting it into words, it seems so silly doesn’t it? Why did we not think of this before?

As I am guilty myself of thinking, “when such and such happens I’ll be happier,” or “once I’ve achieved that, I’ll be happy” etc, but while you’re ‘waiting’ for that to happen, just do something that makes you happy right now!

This in turn can mean, make the doing of the ‘getting there’, fun and enjoyable, so if you are saying that you will be happy once you have your own business, how about just enjoy building it, I’ve heard people say before, “do you remember when we were building the business, so many risks, but so much excitement, very much different to now … “, that’s not to suggest that running a business is not fun, you make it how you want, but some people have found building a business more fun than running it, but again, that’s up to you!

Just enjoy the learning, enjoy the people you meet, enjoy the risks! That’s the bit that makes you feel alive! This will also give you an indication, if you are not enjoying the doing … why not? Do you really want to do it?

Or if you are actually waiting, maybe for someone to get back to you for a job, or to see if the house is yours, or if you are waiting for a particular time or date for another reason, just do something else that makes you happy, forget about what you are waiting for, certainly do not worry about it, it’s out of your hands, (this is for another blog!)

Focus on something else, some people spend their whole lives waiting, make sure you are not one of them, be a doer, a doer of happy things, how does that sound?

So in summary, if you are waiting for something, do something else that makes you happy instead of waiting, or if you are heading towards a goal, enjoy the doing and the getting there, enjoy the NOW, (this reminds me of a another concept, maybe even a book … for another blog!) appreciate that you are able to do it and sit back and smile at it every once in a while, after all nothing is that serious.

So enjoy and be happy! 🙂


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