How Do You Eliminate Indecision?

Answer: Just make a decision.

Now I could just leave the blog there and go and make a cup of tea, but of course the simpleness of the answer warrants an explanation to help it along in many people’s minds, being that many of us as human beings need logic and reason.

So here’s the reason: It really doesn’t matter.

Again I could leave it there, but of course I won’t, and no more messing about, you see, if you just think about it, (logically) theres 2 main parts to why it doesn’t matter, if you think in the whole grand scheme of things, we are all going to die, so will it matter then? No, but you may of course say, it may matter to others left behind or the next generation, but again, they are included in the ‘we’ of us that are going to die so is it going to matter then? Or you could go a step before, and say, ‘when I am old and grey, it’s just going to be a story to tell’, and hopefully a story that ends with, ‘but I am so glad I went for it and took the chance!’.

And it didn’t turn out how you planned, you must always realise and remember that you made the best decision that you could at the time in the best of faith.

A friend and mentor of mine put it in a hilariously brutal way,

“Just try this … sit on a fence with one leg one side and one leg the other side … see how comfortable it is!”

He then went onto say the other reason why it doesn’t matter – you can change your mind and choose another avenue at any point, and if you trust and understand the universe and the fact that we have an innate ability to take the most peaceful route to reach our goal, which all boils down to happiness, or peace, you will then realise and understand that again, it really doesn’t matter what happens as you will get there either way, it may just not be the way that you had planned.

Eckart Tolle explains in ‘The Power of Now’ about a man who has a an unfortunate day where it just seemed that bad luck was happening at every turn, but when he asked god, (or the universe) it was answered with each turn being explained that it was for a reason, for example, his car didn’t start because ‘god’ knew that there was a big accident on the motorway.

So just the trust in that everything happens for a reason, or in the right way will always help you through.

The final logical reason for you is that you will never know what the alternative route that you could have taken will ever be, you may imagine it or hear it from someone else who may have taken the other route, but that does not mean at all that it would have happened exactly the same to you, there is actually no way at all that you could find it out, think about it.

So decision making can be as light and easy as you make it, without making up stories in your head of the many possible outcomes that are just that – stories!

But to help you, use your intuition, go with what feels right, and leave that metaphorical fence alone, make that decision either way and go with the flow.


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