Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Feel the FearWhat a statement!

I have not long finished this book by Susan Jeffers and what a book it is! I have never cornered so many pages before! As I like to go back to books and make notes of particularly interesting parts of the book for me, so then I can condense all the golden nuggets of information into one place which I can reference quickly whenever I want.

It makes complete sense to me, but some may ask, what is fear? Fear is simply, just a feeling inside you, which is in fact just energy moving around that normally is linked to thoughts of potential danger in the future. So lets put this in another way, fear is you telling stories to yourself of something that might never happen causing or caused by energy moving around your body, (which is happening all the time anyway) that actually cannot hurt you.

To me, this way of putting it makes it less significant and being the thoughtful beings that we are, it puts some logic into it, and so for me, rather than trying to rationalise everything to try to make the perfect decision that isn’t going to ‘harm’ us, I would much rather find out myself, for definite of what is going to happen through experience – the only true way to find out what will happen.

You are effectively testing the fear, which could be seen as the devil on your shoulder and you are saying to it, “Ok, well lets test your theory and see if your right!” And why the hell not, and 9 times out of 10, it is never even half as bad as you thought, and despite it all, you will more than likely feel feelings of excitement and positivity, EVEN if it doesn’t work out perfectly, the feeling of courage and accomplishment that you even faced it and went through it would be worth it, not to mention the amazing lessons that you will have ultimately learned will have seen you grow immensely!

So after all that, why would you not go for it? If you let fear stop you once, it is more than likely going to happen again, but not necessarily, you decide, past experience means nothing in this moment, it will always be a different experience this time.

So in short, me writing this blog is me testing my fear, it may sound silly to some, but I did hold back for a while to putting myself out there, for all to see and judge, everybody seeing my thoughts and notions, even down to each blog, I have thought about writing this post and held off for a couple of days, it sounds silly to me to even say that but its true so …

I felt it, but did it anyway to see what happens, and … nothing, nope, I’m still fine, still alive and haven’t been tarnished and judged and criticised, and banished from the internet! (Well not as it stands anyway!)

I’m fine, I feel good, and look forward to any responses, especially reading about anyone else who has great stories of feeling very fearful about doing something, but they did it, and hearing about all the great things that happened afterwards, regardless of the outcome!

So feel the fear, embrace it, allow it to be … but do it anyway!

And do it in peace.

Peace to you

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