A Secret to Achieving Any Goal.

Letting go of the outcome.

It may sound silly to say ‘let go of the very thing that you want to achieve’, but it also makes a lot of sense.

We play all these stories in our heads of possible outcomes, but they are just that, they are stories, we make them up, good, bad or ugly, we may even play them all out and a lot of people only play the bad ones, but what use is any of them? We may aswell just not bother as the only way you will find out the true outcome, is to actually take the action and see what happens.

“I never looked at the consequences of missing a big shot… when you think about the consequences, you think of a negative result.” – Michael Jordan

If we release attachment to the consequences, we are more likely to take the action as it eases the pressure, and better still, we take the action because we just want to take the action, and EVEN BETTER STILL we just enjoy taking the action and the goal is a bonus! So why would you not let go and not worry about the outcome!

It’s like deciding a goal and saying to yourself, ‘I’m going for this goal, whether I make it or not I’m going for it!’ So you don’t ‘need’ the goal, it would just be nice to have, but that’s not to say you don’t still go for it with all the passion you have and that you can’t go for it again and again, of course you can, and you should!

Anyway, the outcome is out of your control so why try to force it?

Letting go fo the outcome, brings you to a neutral place, a centred place where you are more able to make intuitive decisions where everything tends to flow naturally, and ultimately good comes out of the action taken anyway, whether it is the original goal or another even better option!

So forget the feeling of wanting the goal and just take the action! … Which is another point which has just come out of the blue while writing this phrase, if you forget about the goal, you focus more on the action, on the now, on the important task at hand, which is the only important task… the one you are doing right now, in this moment… there is no other important moment than the one you are in right now

The more we let go of our attachments to how we think life should be, the easier it is to be present and grateful for how life is right now.