How to Get Clear Signals for Your Path in Life.

I read an article that said listen to you body, and it was a great reminder of what I had once learned.

Your body is giving you signals all the time and guiding you along your path in a spiritual sense aswell as a physical sense.

Now people are generally looking to improve 1, 2 or all 3 of these issues in life, health wealth and relationships, but you tend to find that people are more interested in wealth and relationships, but if you took 1 or both of these out of the equation, you would probably be ok and could continue living a good life, but if you took health out … if you have no health, what kind of life can you lead? Continue reading

Fill Your Soul With Great Feelings Using Your Body.

A friend of mine took me climbing this week, well I think it’s called bouldering as the walls are only 10-20ft high and you are not harnessed, it’s just a very soft and squidgey floor!

It was great! Firstly your adrenaline is going because of the minor risk involved and to ready you for the task ahead, but the feeling of success you get when you reach the top is great, especially when you have failed it once or twice before hand, a great sense of achievement. Continue reading