Fill Your Soul With Great Feelings Using Your Body.

A friend of mine took me climbing this week, well I think it’s called bouldering as the walls are only 10-20ft high and you are not harnessed, it’s just a very soft and squidgey floor!

It was great! Firstly your adrenaline is going because of the minor risk involved and to ready you for the task ahead, but the feeling of success you get when you reach the top is great, especially when you have failed it once or twice before hand, a great sense of achievement.

This feeling is lead on from the intense focus that you have for the task at hand and being in that moment, absolutely nothing else in life matters at that moment, and if you haven’t heard it before, it is a form of meditation, anything that enhances your focus so much so that time disappears, 2 and half hours can just disappear without you even realising for the amount of fun and focus you’re having!

In addition to this, the energy in the room is great, filled with people all focused on the same goal and helping and wanting everyone else to do well, it may be subtle to some, but it was abundant to me.

Now I am a very active person anyway, I love doing sport and activities, and these feelings are in every single type of sport and activity, but this one just really struck a chord with me, although I have also felt it more so before with such activities like snowboarding aswell.

Also the feeling you get after physical activity is also a great one that a lot of people don’t take note of, I can only describe it as a ‘nice kind of tired’, the muscle tiredness, the feeling that you can’t do too much moving but are happy about it.

You may think I’m weird for that which is fine, but the point here is that you can use your body to keep your soul filled with all these good feelings, so use it! 🙂

Now I find it extremely hard to believe that there is not some form of exercise or activity that each and every one of us can enjoy, even down to walking, again the same kind of feelings, and you can appreciate the amazing surroundings at the same time and the other people doing the same thing, and say hello to ‘the river people’ if you have a river you can walk along that is, (I tend to find that people are happy to say hello along the river, its great!)

If you can’t walk, then however you are able to get around, or if there is some form of activity set up that you can do, do it, if there is anyway that you are able to use your body in some way, you are blessed with that ability, appreciate it, use it and enjoy it. From what I understand, the best way to improve the mindset of someone who has recently become physically disabled is to begin some form of regular physical activity, and then for me would be to keep pushing it to do as much as you can with it, but I am no expert of course.

So to conclude, use your body to help get you into that positive space, the good frame of mind that will enrich your life that little bit more, believe me you will feel amazing for it, and if you can do it with others, it’s even better shared as they can push you, challenge and support you and you can push them, challenge and support them, or just to share the experience, much better. 🙂

Please put down you thoughts and experiences on this, I would love to hear about it.

Peace and movement!

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