How to Get Clear Signals for Your Path in Life.

I read an article that said listen to you body, and it was a great reminder of what I had once learned.

Your body is giving you signals all the time and guiding you along your path in a spiritual sense aswell as a physical sense.

Now people are generally looking to improve 1, 2 or all 3 of these issues in life, health wealth and relationships, but you tend to find that people are more interested in wealth and relationships, but if you took 1 or both of these out of the equation, you would probably be ok and could continue living a good life, but if you took health out … if you have no health, what kind of life can you lead?

People can sometimes over look the health part, YOU! You actually need to be in as good health as possible for you to be actually able to do anything else productive, and I’m talking body aswell as mind here, and as I said before, you can utilise it to help increase those positive feelings to help you along.

So there are 2 parts to the signals, physical and spiritual.

With the physical side, it may sound silly, but listen to your body when you are tired, hungry, full etc, so when you are tired, sleep or just rest, eat when you’re hungry, and when you get a headache, before you get annoyed and grab a pain-killer, just think, your body is trying to tell you something, of course sometimes it caused from something physical, but aches and pains and illnesses generally stem from emotional or mental causes, I know for a fact that I would get an ache down the centre of my back when stressed with a deadline or a high pressured situation, so just have a think about what else is going on in your life that could be significant and where you mind and thoughts actually are.

You can also use your body to guide you in a spiritual way, the obvious being either feeling good or feeling bad, we need to learn to understand our bodies, not only when something feels right, but also when it doesn’t, when you have those demons, the anxiety, the guilt, the apathy etc. We need to learn to actually get to know them, actually FEEL them, just be with them, allow them to be, those ‘bad feelings’ they just need to be felt, then they can be released, and then we can find out what they are REALLY telling us, as it’s usually something helpful for our life, a learning that will help us move forward.

Once we get good at it, those ‘bad feelings don’t seem so bad anymore, they are just learnings, and we can also get it focused in so much so that with every challenge, you will know exactly what to do, there will be no doubt, even if the right way seems a bit weird, but what you will begin to notice is that this of course is your intuition.

Some people actually get a physical hint, so when opposed with a challenge or question, they will consider all options, and get a twitch, or a warm feeling on their ear or a tingley foot or something when the right option is considered, what a great thing to have, it’s almost like someone giving you the answer, and you know it’s right.

Imagine how it would feel to have no doubt, to just know, have an inner knowing, isn’t that what we strive for?

So listen to your body, utilise it, enjoy and appreciate it, it is truly amazing.

Peace and intuition.

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