One Simple Thing To Make Your Life Amazing!

Dont complain about what u wont change

This from Brian Tracy, how true, and I always tell people, that when you are unhappy about something, or in a ‘huff’ or sulking, you are not hurting or affecting anyone else but yourself, so whats the point? Do something about it or accept it and find the happiness or gratitude within it … ultimately meaning within yourself.

I could not explain this any better myself so here’s how Brian explains it further:

“There is a rule that says, “Whatever got you to where you are today is not enough to get you any further.”

What this means is that your current level of knowledge and skill has been sufficient to enable you to achieve your current income and standard of living. But for you to improve your income and your standard of living, for you to move onward and upward, you must learn and apply the new skills that are essential for professional and personal growth. And there is no other way to get ahead except for you to become better at what you do, continually throughout your life.

There’s another rule that says, “For life to get better, you must get better.” The good news however is that there are no limits to how much better you can become. Therefore, there are no limits to how much more you can change your life, if you have the determination and the discipline to do so, every single day. Everyday, in every way, you should be looking for ways to change your life and increase your personal growth.

How do you wish to change your life?”

How inspiring is that! Mind fully blown!

Peace and change to you. 

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