A Change of Thought That Will Improve Any Business 100%


I am a firm believer that we are in a great time of change and realisation, and there is one simple thought that is helping this happen in a massive way.

One thought that can help you everyday in your personal life but more effectively in your business life.

One thought that I believe can help businesses and individuals across the world improve sales and revenue, but more importantly help their customers in the same breath!

Imagine if everyone, namely business owners changed their old thinking …

from ‘what can I get out of this situation’ to …   ‘WHAT CAN I GIVE IN THIS SITUATION’

from ‘how much can I get out of this’ to …  HOW MUCH CAN I GIVE’

from ‘how many customers can I get‘ to … ‘HOW MUCH CAN I GIVE TO MY CUSTOMERS’

It’s not just about giving away freebies to entice customers in, although we are definitely not so easily swayed these days and it can take a bit more time to gain a customer, but it’s about this phrase right here that I was told a while ago and has definitely stuck with me.

“If you help enough people get what they want, you will ultimately get what you want.”

Zig Ziglar

I heard this a few years ago and did appreciate it at the time but also thought it was on the edge of a bit of sales spiel, but I heard it again recently and it is true what they say about hearing something a number of times before it sticks in, and it hit me from another angle this time.

It just made me think, what could actually happen if we were all thinking like this, it is such a powerful thought, with that thought in our heads it just completely changes the essence of how you walk into situations, i.e it’s less of a battle of ‘what can I get out of it’, or ‘can I gain more than them’,  and instead it’s more of an offering, you are offering your hand to help rather than with your hands behind your back, and it just takes a massive amount of pressure off.

I guess that’s why I am writing this blog, to give what little offerings I can, to just spread the word, as if more of us are thinking the same then we will definitely grow exponentially, and in turn I shall receive the gift of making a living through helping others through my passion.

You see, the more people you help, (FIRST! you have to do the giving first) the more people will pay for your service and offerings, and so you receive more money, and so with more money you are able to give more and better offerings to more people and so on.

It’s a win win all round.

So always think what you can offer and give first.

Give, and you shall receive. (So please give a comment)   🙂

Peace and giving to you.

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