One life changing quote.

“If you change the way you look at things, the

things you look at change.”  – Wayne Dyerwater-373780_1280Isn’t this an amazing quote, it is simply stating what I have come to realise, that the experiences we have is based on our perception of them.

You see, you could go to a shop on one day and be served by a miserable staff member, then go there the next day and be served by another staff member who is so cheerful and smiley that it puts a smile on your face.

Now you could say that one of them actually wants to be working there and the other doesn’t, but what if they both didn’t really want to be working there, you would not know it with the second person, but they have just chosen to look at it a different way and see the brighter side of the situation and make the most out of it, and in doing so will actually get some enjoyment out of it themselves, and in turn, passing it on to others, like the customers.

And it is such a delight when you are on the receiving end of it, I am always impressed and grateful when I come across a very cheerful assistant, waiting staff etc.

You see it is infectious, and so when I feel better from the interaction that I have had with this individual, I am inclined to return the cheeriness and where it is possible, I will give a tip.

So you see how from just that one staff member deciding to change their perception of their working environment and instead enjoy it and make the most of it, an actual physical, material return in the form of money has occurred.

And so back to the quote, they decided to look at their work place differently and so their work place changed into an enjoyable place where rewards are given.

Then do you think that if this can happen once, it can happen again? You can definitely sway the ratio in your favour if you are like this everyday, and do you think that if things can happen like this on a small scale like this, that it could actually happen on a larger scale, or eventually develop into bigger things, like maybe a promotion, or a pay rise, or maybe even a customer enjoying your presence so much that they could end up offering you a dream job or opportunity?

Then all of a sudden things begin to open up, and look at this, you could also vary the quote like this:


“If you keep an open mind, things will open up for you!”

“If you begin to enjoy your life, you will lead an enjoyable life!”


How amazing is that! I am quite impressed with myself with those! 🙂

This is certainly what I decided to do in work life, and my god you have no excuse not to find enjoyment and gratitude in any part of life, be it work or otherwise.

Try it, give it a go, change the way you look at work, change the way you look at yourself, change the way you look at life, you may well surprise yourself … and then who knows, you may be surprised by life! 🙂

Peace and new perception to you.

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