The First Breakthrough to Lead an Amazing Life.

BREAKTHROUGH-Sunset-Picture-800x533When you say things like, “I just couldn’t let myself do it”, “I wanted to but I just couldn’t”, or “I allowed myself to do it,” “I was surprised at myself”, or “I couldn’t contain myself”, or “I had to calm myself down.”

What’s happening here?

Well for a start, in one way it doesn’t make sense, how many of you are there, and how do you surprise yourself if it was you that did it, or how do you not let yourself do something, are you having an actual battle with yourself? … Actually YES!

As the next part to this is that you are admitting that there ARE two of you, and this is the battle between your head and your heart, or maybe even your consciousness and your sub consciousness, but we’re just talking about your head and heart for now.

So this is the first breakthrough that you need to learn in order to start living an amazing and much easier life. Continue reading

Meet Dobri Dobrev – A truelly truelly remarkable story of a genuine saint.


It is so humbling to see exactly what our truest spirit is about and what we are really capable of, words really can’t do it justice to even begin to describe this mans’ motivation and drive to do what he does, and what he is giving to the world, not only in the physical sense of giving but more importantly within the lessons he is unassumingly teaching and the feelings he is projecting around the world from seeing his story, not by his own force, but by others sharing.

So this story needs to be shared for eternity.

Enjoy and reap the amazing feelings that it brings up in you.

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Peace and humbleness to you.