The First Breakthrough to Lead an Amazing Life.

BREAKTHROUGH-Sunset-Picture-800x533When you say things like, “I just couldn’t let myself do it”, “I wanted to but I just couldn’t”, or “I allowed myself to do it,” “I was surprised at myself”, or “I couldn’t contain myself”, or “I had to calm myself down.”

What’s happening here?

Well for a start, in one way it doesn’t make sense, how many of you are there, and how do you surprise yourself if it was you that did it, or how do you not let yourself do something, are you having an actual battle with yourself? … Actually YES!

As the next part to this is that you are admitting that there ARE two of you, and this is the battle between your head and your heart, or maybe even your consciousness and your sub consciousness, but we’re just talking about your head and heart for now.

So this is the first breakthrough that you need to learn in order to start living an amazing and much easier life.

As a man I know once said, “Life can be easy”, and it can be made this way when you separate your heart from your head, and be lead by the right one in each moment.

Your heart is the link to your true essence and so you’re not really going to go too wrong with that, if it feels good and it feels right, it probably is.

The way I see it is that your head is good for calculations in the moment and working out things, but this is secondary to the heart which is like your compass and will give you feedback in the form of feelings and emotion, then your head can work out the ins and outs and what needs to be done in a practical sense.

Your heart will tell you if you are in the right place or not or heading in the right direction and your head will help you discover what you need to do to get there, or what you need to do once you are there in order to move forward.

You see in a decision making process, your head will give you so many questions and probably so many contradictions, but the whole time, your heart will stay consistent with the same feeling throughout, so not matter how many questions and options your head gives you, your heart is giving you a feeling whether the answer is yes or no, but that feeling will settle with the right decision.

So get to know your heart, get to know your feelings, use them as your guide, and then your head is there to help figure out the rest.

Peace and an amazing life to you.

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