A Secret Towards Your Inner Peace that 90% of People Don’t Know.

Inner peace calm mountain lake

Now we all have problems, issues or challenges, nobody is safe from them, it’s just how you respond to them which is key.

Some of us allow these issues to get to us so much so that it can actually affect us physically, in the form of:

– Stress

– Sleepless nights

– Anger/hate towards self or others

– Aches and pains

If you think about it, it’s bonkers, just from something that you are thinking about, (possibly even stories made up in your head?) you are now having a physical reaction to it; I used to suffer from some of these myself.

Now for those that still find it hard to believe that ‘thoughts become things’ and ‘what you think about, you bring about’ and all the rest of the teachings towards manifestation we have, well there you have it, we can all do it, but most of us are just doing it on the negative side!

These physical symptoms stem from feelings and emotions within you.

Thoughts of course do have a part to play in this, but your thought pattern may go up and down, however your feelings and emotions have a much steadier line of course so it’s much easier to address them.

What do most people do with these feelings that they don’t like?

– Suppress them

– Try and ignore them

– Forget about them

– Say it’s not happening

– Just carry on regardless

– Hold on to them, (maybe a grudge)

We just can’t seem to cope with a ‘bad’ feeling inside us, it feels uncomfortable, it feels wrong, but I have put the word bad in inverted commas because that’s just the describing word we put on it ourselves, a feeling is not necessarily good or bad, it’s just a feeling, it’s just energy moving around inside us, and energy and feelings don’t label themselves good or bad, we do.

I could almost say it’s natural for us to not want to feel these feelings, but it’s actually the opposite, it is the most natural thing for us to feel them, we have been feeling them all our lives, but that’s just it, all we have been doing is feeling them, they haven’t caused us to explode or spontaneously combust into flames, well, I bet some of us have felt we’ve come close! 🙂

So here’s what needs to happen … here’s the secret! Continue reading

10 Ways to Get You Motivated and Back in Your Flow.

Sometimes we will have times when we don’t feel like doing stuff, or work, and I’m talking about work towards our dreams and goals.

It is ok to have these times, you cannot be fully motivated to take action all the time, sometimes it’s good just to let it be, have that bit of time off to do something else, or do nothing, it’s actually good to have time away from your ‘dream work’, to go actually live another part of life or just to recoup and refresh yourself.

However, it may just be an hour that you need off, or a couple of hours, sometimes a day off, sometimes you may not feel motivated for a whole week!

Which again is absolutely fine, you may need that time off, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

But sometimes stuff just needs to get done, sometimes you just want to keep the momentum going.

So here are some ways that will help you get motivated, get the juices flowing to get you back in the game, get you back in the flow, if only just for that moment … then you might just deserve that rest. Continue reading