10 Ways to Get You Motivated and Back in Your Flow.

Sometimes we will have times when we don’t feel like doing stuff, or work, and I’m talking about work towards our dreams and goals.

It is ok to have these times, you cannot be fully motivated to take action all the time, sometimes it’s good just to let it be, have that bit of time off to do something else, or do nothing, it’s actually good to have time away from your ‘dream work’, to go actually live another part of life or just to recoup and refresh yourself.

However, it may just be an hour that you need off, or a couple of hours, sometimes a day off, sometimes you may not feel motivated for a whole week!

Which again is absolutely fine, you may need that time off, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

But sometimes stuff just needs to get done, sometimes you just want to keep the momentum going.

So here are some ways that will help you get motivated, get the juices flowing to get you back in the game, get you back in the flow, if only just for that moment … then you might just deserve that rest.


1. Walk/Exercise

Take a walk, even if it’s just around the block, its get your body moving to get the blood pumping and it gets some fresh air into you along with some fresh invigoration and maybe even some new ideas. Or if you are feeling up to it, exercise, now that really gets the blood flowing, and for me at least, it switches my brain into ‘doing’ mode.


2. Take a shower

This may sound silly, but it just gives you the feeling of freshness, that restart, that reboot that you may need, plus I tend to get a good number of my new ideas when I’m in the shower, along with walking, it’s weird, but it’s when you are feeling relaxed and when you are not thinking about work that all of a sudden ideas will flow into your head.


3. Meditate –

This can be used to give your brain a break, to allow your brain to actually think of nothing, and if you want to go one step further, you can use this to get focused on your dreams or goals, and project yourself into the future of achieving it already and get you to really feel like you have achieved it, like you are already there, like it’s done. That will be sure to get the butterflies going inside you!


4. Music

Listen to some music, be it your favourite music, whatever gets you feeling good, I tend to find that some up-tempo music helps me to get those blood cells moving, but it could be something slower and deeper, that just gets that emotion inside of you sparking again. It can help to listen to music while you work also, to keep you in the moment.


5. Success Stories

Read, listen to or watch some success stories, ideally in the field that you are carving your dream right now, this will remind you why you are doing what you are doing, why you have this dream and that you can do it.


6. Dream Shopping

Now this is fun, but be careful not to get carried away with this and spend hours here! Go window shopping for your some of your dreams, for example, have a look at some cars you might like, or a boat even, maybe your dream home, just peruse as if you were buying, just get into the mindset that you are already there, and don’t be shocked at the prices, take them as if you could buy 5 of them.

If you dream to travel, check out some destinations, some flights and activities you would want to do. You could even get some pictures of these and keep them for to focus on or to create a vision board? This is a reminder of some of the presents you intend to give yourself or indeed to give to others from going for your goals and reaching them.


7. Think of some new dreams/goals and write them down

This could be adding to your current dreams, or actually thinking of new ones because you original ones are getting old now, you may have matured a little, so you may have the car, the house, the boat etc, but what about creating a business or other businesses, even a charity, what about a dream to create some fundraisers or to meet some inspirational people and even begin working with them.

It may be a case that you need to extend your dreams and goals, and be sure to write them down, even if you have before, write them again.


8. Speak to someone

This could be a peer, a friend or loved one or someone that inspires you. If it’s a peer, you can get down to the nitty gritty of what you are doing or are wanting to do right now, or what you want to achieve, or if it’s a friend or loved one, even if they are not involved in it, it can help just to even talk about what you are doing or what you want to do. If it is someone that inspires you, use them for just that, whether it’s focused on what you are doing, or just general life, inspiration and motivation.


9. Check out another website/business

Have a look at a similar business or product to yours, or who has done what you want to, just see what they are up to, how they are looking, what new ideas or designs they have and where they are going, it helps if they are at least one step ahead of you, or they could be a new comer bringing in some new and different thoughts and ideas and paths to follow.


10. Comment on another website or forum –

Again this leads on from the last point and links to point 7, this just gets you talking about your work, maybe even create a new post saying that you need some ideas or any questions you might have, or this could be on an inspirational website to say that you are not feeling motivated right now, and you will always be able to get others to give you some motivation.

So when the moment arises, use any of these to get you back in the zone, or you may find some of your own ways, whatever it is I hope this helps you to get into your flow and working to full capacity towards your goals and dreams.

Peace and motivation to you.

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