A Secret Towards Your Inner Peace that 90% of People Don’t Know.

Inner peace calm mountain lake

Now we all have problems, issues or challenges, nobody is safe from them, it’s just how you respond to them which is key.

Some of us allow these issues to get to us so much so that it can actually affect us physically, in the form of:

– Stress

– Sleepless nights

– Anger/hate towards self or others

– Aches and pains

If you think about it, it’s bonkers, just from something that you are thinking about, (possibly even stories made up in your head?) you are now having a physical reaction to it; I used to suffer from some of these myself.

Now for those that still find it hard to believe that ‘thoughts become things’ and ‘what you think about, you bring about’ and all the rest of the teachings towards manifestation we have, well there you have it, we can all do it, but most of us are just doing it on the negative side!

These physical symptoms stem from feelings and emotions within you.

Thoughts of course do have a part to play in this, but your thought pattern may go up and down, however your feelings and emotions have a much steadier line of course so it’s much easier to address them.

What do most people do with these feelings that they don’t like?

– Suppress them

– Try and ignore them

– Forget about them

– Say it’s not happening

– Just carry on regardless

– Hold on to them, (maybe a grudge)

We just can’t seem to cope with a ‘bad’ feeling inside us, it feels uncomfortable, it feels wrong, but I have put the word bad in inverted commas because that’s just the describing word we put on it ourselves, a feeling is not necessarily good or bad, it’s just a feeling, it’s just energy moving around inside us, and energy and feelings don’t label themselves good or bad, we do.

I could almost say it’s natural for us to not want to feel these feelings, but it’s actually the opposite, it is the most natural thing for us to feel them, we have been feeling them all our lives, but that’s just it, all we have been doing is feeling them, they haven’t caused us to explode or spontaneously combust into flames, well, I bet some of us have felt we’ve come close! 🙂

So here’s what needs to happen … here’s the secret!

Feelings are just like anything else that comes into your body, they need to get used and then pass through, just like food, just like water, just like the air you breathe.

1. So enable yourself to actually FEEL the feeling, it’s not going to physically hurt you, just allow it to be there, and almost be curious about it.

2. Then just let it go, I don’t mean force it out, just allow it to leave your body, which it may have done by this point already as when you are not resisting the feeling being there, your body is much more relaxed and then energy is allowed to flow, meaning the energy of a feeling is allowed to flow through, it may take longer than you think, or it may be instant, but it will leave, so be relaxed to it, be open to it and stay open to it. Just be.

If you wanted to go a bit further with it, maybe if you are having re-occurring feelings or problems or a more serious issue to deal with, you could try:

Going into the feeling further, so focusing on it wholey, taking a look at it fully, examining it, then you could try increasing the feeling, doubling it, then see how what happens to you – probably nothing.

Now here’s another thing to do that just blew my mind, when you are noticing the feeling, just notice where it is in your body, notice the edges of it, where it starts and ends, and then …


You will then see that the feeling is separate to you, it is not you – now for me, that is such a powerful experience.

When people say ‘I AM ANGRY’ or ‘I AM SAD’ etc, they actually aren’t the feeling, they just feel it, but you can see how people feel about the feelings inside them, it can totally envelop them, but in truth it’s the other way around.

The feeling is inside you, you are not inside the feeling, meaning that the feeling is smaller than you, so does it make it easier to deal with something that is smaller than you, of course it does! 🙂

Here’s what happened to me.

I was happily working one day (well as much as you can be in a job!) I then got told that my area of the business was being closed down and because I was classed as self employed, I was given a weeks’ notice, about a week and a half before I was due to go on holiday that had already been paid for, fantastic timing I know!

So the feeling of sinking, sickening and thoughts of ‘what the hell am I going to do now’ came instantly, as they do, you can’t necessarily control how your body reacts to situations, but you can choose how it responds.

So I recognised these feelings inside me, (pretty hard not to!) and I just sat there on my own just after I got told and thought, ‘ok I’m just going to be curious about them, and have a little look at them and allow them to be there, they are there any way so may as well not try and fight them and let them be’, and it became a weird experience where the feelings were there, but I was ok with them being there, almost comfortable with it, and a big easing came over me, almost like a sigh of relief.

The feelings then almost completely went, it was amazing, and it all seemed to turn on its head within me with thoughts of ‘this is meant to be’, ‘what adventure am I going on now’ and ‘what amazingness is going to come of this next chapter for me’.

In that moment I felt much better and so began having a look for another job, only 5 interested me enough to go for them and in that final week I applied to a few more, maybe another 5.

I then finished work on the Friday, Monday I get a call for an interview, had the interview Tuesday, found out Wednesday that I got the job, and then went on holiday on the Thursday! Not bad ay!

How amazing it was to be able to go on holiday knowing that I had a job to come back to, not only that, but it was the job that I wanted out of all the ones I went for and not only that … it was the very first one I went for … just after allowing and letting go of the feelings!

And furthermore, the money was better, the boss was much nicer, and the work was easier, not much else I could really ask for!

And that was the other realisation I had at the time, I had actually been asking for it, I had been saying to myself and others that I couldn’t work for the old boss anymore, the way he was running things, some of my colleagues and clients just didn’t quite fit with me and how I was looking for better income.


As long as you realise it and begin to see the opportunities and possibilities in every situation, then they will begin to show themselves to you.

I have been using these steps for a while now and life just becomes easier, less resistant, less stressful, and it is how it should be, it just flows.

“Become like water and flow with life.” (This is my take on one of Bruce Lees’ quotes)

So allow your feelings to flow through you, let go and allow life to be easy.

Peace and non resistance to you.

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