A Reminder To Be Grateful.

gratitude3Don’t be angry or sad for what you don’t have, be grateful for what you do have.

Think about the opposite to what you have, think of how it could be worse for a moment.

Nothing is ever that bad, and when you are in a state of gratitude, then u feel happier, then u make better decisions, and the people around you feel better, calmer, happier in your presence because of the energy you are emitting and so in turn, if this is in the right situation, things can happen for you in the physical world, because if the people you are around, say in a business meeting or some sort of transaction, they may feel the urge to give you extra, because they feel good around you … and some say that thoughts can’t become things!

Feel grateful that you are lucky to be here for a start, then if you have all your limbs and all your senses, then you are even luckier, if you don’t just think how lucky you are compared to others that have less, or if it was from an accident, just think how much worse it could have been.

But there is not necessarily a need to compare yourself with others, so simply just feel grateful for what you do have, and what you are able to experience.


Every single person on this planet has something to be grateful for, so try focusing on that instead of the other.

I heard from Bryon Katie once, saying that you could have lost your partner, your job and sitting on the kerb of the home you just lost, but you could still be grateful for it being a sunny day, or if it’s not just feel grateful that you can feel the rain on your face, and that the rain is providing your surroundings for water.

Be grateful that the situation has taught you a great lesson in life.

Whatever the situation, there is gratitude in it.

So try it, either post a comment or write down on a piece of paper, just a few things you are grateful for, or as many as you can, and just think about them for a moment and see what kind of state it puts you in … bet it’s a good one, maybe a humble one, an appreciative one.

Give it a go, why not?

Peace and gratitude to you.

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