Getting What You Want Faster Than You Think.

feet-349687_1280Getting what you want in life can be like finding the jeans that are just right for you.

Now when shopping for jeans, you dont just try on the first pair on the rail, (extra small) discover that you can’t get into them and give up there and then and say, ‘nope they don’t fit, can’t get into them, that’s it, I can’t ever have the jeans I want.’

Of course you don’t, you look through to see if they have another size that fits better, you try them on and are not quite satisfied and then discover that there is not any other sizes.

Do you give up then? No, you try other shops, other towns, other days, you keep going until you find them.

Now why don’t some of us think like that with getting what we want in life, I know I have been guilty of this.

I have learned a new skill, spent a lot of time and effort on it and thought, ‘this isn’t working, I’m getting nowhere’, and got a bit frustrated with it and given up.

It is actually ok to give up on some things, because that’s like just trying on jeans, as long as you still jump on another avenue to achieve your dream, you may try becoming a guitarist, find that that doesn’t suit, so why not try the keyboard, you couldn’t get the hang of that, so why not try the drums, that might feel better etc.

The key is discovering within yourself whether it feels like giving up and moving on to something else towards your goal is the right thing to do, OR that you just need to go within, find the strength and persist with this current skill.

Not everything is plain sailing, you will come up against your walls, so I have come back to things 2 or 3 times before, (as I can be a bit of a persistant bugger!)

Then you have to think if it could be a waste of time going back, I still struggle with this myself, but either way, whether it’s persisting with the same skill or continually searching around for the right skill, if you cannot find those jeans in any shops here or in another country, their not online, why the hell not write to the manufacturer and ask for your size to be made, or ones specific to you, you may even get them free because of your impressive initiative and BOOM you could be offered a dream job as a jean designer or even have just discovered your new business idea for a niche market … BOOM!

I think of it like this, getting what you want, be it a dream job, money, a business or whatever it is, is like a leaky pipe, you don’t have the key to turn the water off, so you have to find something that will do it, or some how make a tool that will do it, or call someone, PAY someone to fix it even if you have no money, YOU WILL FIND A WAY, AND YOU WILL DO IT ASAP!

Now you don’t have to rush things, but I’m sure we could all move a little faster towards our dreams with a little sense of urgency.

I saw a video of a guy that had a dying parent that needed surgery that cost $100,000 and the parent had a year to live, so this man had a specific goal and a time limit, and my god do you think he gave up after the 1st few weeks? Nope he went all out, and not even on the charity path, he created a business and he made it within 9 months.

Now do you think he would have done that, let alone in that time if the urgency wasn’t there?

So try giving yourself an urgency, but not just a time and figure, you have to genuinely feel it.

Here’s what I’m doing, I want to go travelling in a years time, but I don’t want to work whilst out there so I need to save/create enough money for me to do so, so I have one year to create this money or a residual income, one extra step to give me even more of a boost is to buy the plane ticket, so then I have no choice!

So be brave, be persistant, and push yourself, you will be surprised what you can actually achieve, and how quickly.

Peace and belief to you.


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