Awesome Quote by Will.I.Am – Don’t Hope Just Do.

will-i-am we have to do now copy

This is the part between the dreaming in your head and the reality in your hands.

This is the part where you begin to see the dream actually happening.

This is where you start to really feel that the dream is coming true.

This is the fun part, because when you have achieved the dream, (which will be amazing of course!) you will just begin thinking up the next one.

And that is what life is about, constantly growing and bringing more to your world, and therefore the entire world.

Some people find the doing, or the action part hard, but that is only if you make it that way, try thinking of it terms of, ‘you are just going to have a play around’, I’m just going to do this and see what happens’, then it’s a little more playful, a little less intense on the mind, however the actual action can be as intense and serious as it needs to be, or as you want it to be.

The actual doing part can still be assertive and controlled, but the mindset and how you see it just has a little less pressure, it’s like a science experiment, you still have the facts and figures there, but it is all still trial and error, and you may need to do it 10 times to achieve the required outcome, but you are just playing around with the figures.

So then it’s more of, ‘ok lets have a go’, instead of ‘everything needs to be perfect 1st time for this to happen!’

So what are you going to do today that is going towards your dream?

Peace and doing.

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