The 3 Most Overlooked Elements of Effective Visualization


Of all the “New Age” techniques for manifesting our dreams, creative visualization is perhaps the best known – unfortunately it is also the most misunderstood.

The West began to embrace “visualization” as a powerful technique when Russian athletes used it to train for the Olympic Games in the 80’s.

Athletes that spent 25% of their time on physical training and 75% of their time mentally training performed better than those who spent all of their time exclusively on physical training. To this day most of the best athletes employ creative visualization as a central part of their training program.

However, effective visualization requires 3 very specific components: Continue reading

Awesome Quote by Will.I.Am – Don’t Hope Just Do.

will-i-am we have to do now copy

This is the part between the dreaming in your head and the reality in your hands.

This is the part where you begin to see the dream actually happening.

This is where you start to really feel that the dream is coming true.

This is the fun part, because when you have achieved the dream, (which will be amazing of course!) you will just begin thinking up the next one. Continue reading

7 Ways Letting Go Will Create Immediate Success

This is a great post from, these are 7 amazing points to living a fulfilled life that we all need to learn and remind ourselves with.

Take in and enjoy.

praying monkRight now you’re like Santa Claus. You have a big bag that you carry around with you every day of your life. But this bag is not full of presents; it’s packed with worries, concerns, past memories, regrets – all sorts of things that keep pulling you back.

All of these things don’t allow you to be the best that you can be.

Letting go of everything is actually what you need to do in order to succeed. “So how do I let go?”, you might ask. Continue reading

Getting What You Want Faster Than You Think.

feet-349687_1280Getting what you want in life can be like finding the jeans that are just right for you.

Now when shopping for jeans, you dont just try on the first pair on the rail, (extra small) discover that you can’t get into them and give up there and then and say, ‘nope they don’t fit, can’t get into them, that’s it, I can’t ever have the jeans I want.’

Of course you don’t, you look through to see if they have another size that fits better, you try them on and are not quite satisfied and then discover that there is not any other sizes.

Do you give up then? No, you try other shops, other towns, other days, you keep going until you find them.

Now why don’t some of us think like that with getting what we want in life, I know I have been guilty of this. Continue reading

10 Tips From a Buddhist Monk on Living a Fulfilled Life.

Monk-Spirituality-Lessons-In-LifeIs there any doubt that people are searching for happiness in the wrong places?

Reaching a fulfilled lifestyle is much more than just a beautiful home or modern car. It’s about connecting with yourself on more than just a conscious level.

Buddhist Monks have obviously figured this out because instead of chasing material value they look within.
The following tips come from Monks who know what a fulfilled life entails. Continue reading